Creating a healthy and connected community with culturally inspired spaces for the Flathead Reservation and Lake County.

A movement for health

Join us in our mission to create accessible, safe spaces that promote physical activity and family engagement. Together, we can improve long-term health outcomes for our community, addressing chronic diseases, obesity, and behavioral health. By building spaces in different communities and offering prevention education, while maintaining a strong, cross-agency collaboration, Push Play will become an integrated movement.

Forging a path

Rethinking one's lifestyle is a challenge we all face at some point. We believe our community deserves access to tools and spaces that inspire health. Push Play offers a pathway to a better quality of life with venues designed for community gatherings and promoting prosocial practices where physical activity is key. With Push Play, families will discover how to integrate physical activity into their lives, positively impacting their body, mind, and spirit.

What has taken place?

Through a careful, mindful, and data informed process, the Leadership Team identified different sites for Push Play. Consideration was given to
  • Accessibility
  • Availability
  • Population
  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • Community Needs
The group set up a matrix based on these factors which aided them in selecting locations. Because of the large geographic space of the target community and a desire to have a project that was truly inclusive of all sectors, the Push Play Plan includes three phases of implementation, over the next 5 years. Each phase has specific locations to be used. In addition, Push Play will also be partnering with other agencies and groups to connect other projects occurring with outdoor spaces.

The spaces

The scale of the play spaces will vary depending on the specific location, population size, accessibility, and maintenance. The overall vision is to have a connected series of Push Play spaces where signage will help visitors understand the links to each site, while encouraging people to use different venues. When setting up each site, the staff and leadership team will consider ways to connect the natural world, local culture, historic factors, community lore, and other meaningful information into each design.

    Building a healthier
    community for

    Residents of the Flathead Reservation and Lake County, as well as the surrounding counties will have access to a better-quality life though Push Play.
    Plus, over
    0 visitors
    who travel this route to stop, stretch, connect, learn, and enjoy the beauty of our home.

    How you can help

    We will be seeking volunteers, donations, and asking for people to share the movement!